2-3 March 2021: ARGO supports a SEV’s initiative on Innovative Greeks: https://www.innovativegreeks.gr

Dear all,

Thank you for your invaluable support in the Innovative Greeks’ launch event. Your contribution has been of tremendous importance for the final success of the event. During the preparation period we joined forces and managed to organise a Conference that raised public awareness beyond expectations.

Thanks to our supporters, the conference attracted more than 14.000 unique viewers on various channels and had a significant impact on our social media channels. Our Innovative Greeks’ community also made a great start with over 10,000 registered attendees. Innovative Greeks participated from across the globe, including global innovation hubs like the USA (San Francisco, New York, Boston), many European countries (UK, Germany, Netherlands etc.), Canada and even Japan. All the conference panels are available here and  (02/03/2021) and here (03/03/2021), for further viewing or sharing with your network.

The Innovative Greeks’ conference marked the beginning of our common endeavor and we will continue striving to lead the effort to create new, Greek, success stories of innovation and high-tech entrepreneurship. Our progress, future initiatives, and all pertinent information can be followed from here. Please stay tuned to our effort to scale up Greece’s innovation ecosystem. 

“Breaking new ground for our common future” is more than a conference slogan. It is a call to action to the entire community of innovative Greeks worldwide to participate and help speed up our young innovation ecosystem.

We feel blessed to have you on board.

Marcos Veremis

Co-Chair of SEV Innovation Committee